Animebots Development Team

WallerScript 3.1 (stable)

An Eggdrop 1.6 Tcl script that provides a modular environment (and is easy to develop for) that provides all the features of WS 3.0X but slightly more customisable to do what you want.

How to get it via SourceForge CVS :

cvs login
cvs -z3 co ws3.1

For more detailed activity details on WS3.1, have a look at

RC2 is now available from

WallerScript 3.0 (mature)

This is an Eggdrop 1.6 Tcl that provides an all-in-one script to manage a bot service.

How to get it: for the latest "stable" release


http_chunkedget.tcl - reads chunk encoded data from an HTTP server